Safest Car on Road – Essential Driving Tips and Technologies for Driving Safely During Ramadan

Safest Car on Road – Essential Driving Tips and Technologies for Driving Safely During Ramadan

In order to make the safest car on road, one must follow the essential tips to drive in Ramadan and use latest technologies for a safe drive. As during the month of Ramadan, a huge number of accidents had been reported in the UAE, fasting motorists risk their life and other commuters too due to rash and irresponsible driving. Muslims all over the world observe the month of Ramadan with utmost gratitude and respect, while during a fast in hot summer season becomes tough for them to maintain focus on the road. However, it has been noticed that near Iftar time and during the peak hours, many accidents have been reported. Due to dehydration and low blood sugar level, motorists suffer from tiredness, fatigue and drowsiness, which leads to unsafe situations for both motorists and other commuters on road.

The hot and humid weather of the UAE is indeed a challenge for fasting motorists, but with the help of some useful tips, proper care and ensuring some patience during Ramada, motorists can put off the risk of dangerous traffic situations. Here are some useful and important driving tips which make your vehicle safest car on road for the commuters.

Tiredness and Fatigue could lead to a Dangerous Situation

Motorists must be aware of the fact that drivers on road could be facing fatigue or tiredness too. Even if you are not fasting but there could be other commuters who are fasting, having fatigue and thus they could be dangerous for other commuters. The low blood sugar levels¸ dehydration and -fatigue can lead to less responsiveness of drivers in a challenging situation. Thus, drivers must adopt safe driving practices to avoid any such situation and develop a defensive driving approach.

Using Technology for Safest Car on Road to Plan your trip

There are many technologies fitted in modern vehicles to make it safest car on road, also other technologies can be used to plan your trips and make them less stressful. If a motorist plans their route intelligently then they can have an escape from the rush hours and massive traffic jams.

These technologies can be helpful to ensure the safest car on road during Ramadan.

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Google Maps

The google maps service available on a smartphone (both iOS and Android) helps motorists to plan their routes accordingly. They can skip the locations with more congestion and choose alternative routes. Also, they can share locations with fellows to avoid encountering and routes with traffic jam or congestions.

Google Maps

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RTA Smart App

The smart service by RTA works in Dubai and helps motorists in many ways. Motorists can download the RTA Smart App from Google Play Store or App Store. The app lets you hire a taxi, find free parking space and many other benefits to provide convenience to motorists.

Heated and Ventilated Seats for Safest car on Road

It is a fact that car seats absorb a lot of heat during summer season. The heated seats are found in modern cars for some time. As the leather becomes warm during the winter season, some of them have the latest technology which becomes cool during summer season. It helps to keep your lower back cool and is indeed an innovative feature for vehicles.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The benefit of adaptive cruise control in summer seasons to detect the vehicles ahead of your car and makes it the safest car on road by adjusting the car speed. This saves your vehicle from a possible risk of collision and maintains a safe distance. During fast, the responsiveness of driver to a challenging situation is affected and in such case, this technology is very helpful.

Backup Cameras and Parking Sensors

When finding a parking space, or parking your vehicle, many motorists suffer collide due to the inability of measuring a safe distance. With the help of these cameras, motorists can safely park their vehicles and keep an eye on the surroundings of their vehicle.

Backup Cameras and Parking Sensors

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Public Transport Instead of Private Transport

Though there are so many private vehicles for motorists but using public transport during Ramadan saves motorists from the hassles of driving during Ramadan. The UAE has world’s best transport infrastructure, thus travelling in public transport is not difficult, troublesome or stressing for the people. Due to challenging weather conditions, motorists might find riding in public transport more convenient and pleasurable during tough summer time.

All you have to do is to plan your trip before some time so that you do not get late due to any reasons. This saves motorists from driving on busy roads, stuck in congestions and also saves their expenses on fuel.

Public Transport Instead of Private Transport

Car Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle is necessary to ensure the safest vehicle on the road. Car maintenance enables a vehicle to give an optimum performance during summertime, increases its lifespan and ensures a safe drive as well.

Ahead of summer seasons, motorists must check the air conditioning system, get it serviced, check car tyres, and ensure their car fluids are at the right level. Due to the hot summer season, a vehicle suffers most and bear more hardships due to intense summer heat. It also saves the vehicle from an unexpected breakdown in the middle of the road.

Car Maintenance

Maintain your vehicle for summers and Ramadan by following these essential tips.

  • Keep an eye on all car fluids including, radiator coolant levels, windshield washer fluids, battery fluids etc.
  • Car tyres must be checked regularly in the summer seasons. If the tyre tread condition is not good it could lead to a tyre blowout which is dangerous for all motorists.
  • Servicing the car air conditioner helps to keep inside of your car cool and reduces the fatigue level of motorists.
  • Parking vehicles under a shade help to keep your car relatively cool, as it also saves its interior and exterior to damage. Also, if your car is parked under the Sun, it becomes unbearably hot and can cause motorists a heat stroke if they sit in such hot car. Always park your vehicle opposite to the sun and ensure that dashboard and steering are not exposed to sunlight.
  • Tinting the car windows up to 50% is allowed in the UAE, thus it helps motorists to reduce the heat effect. The car screen cannot be tinted and tinting vehicle more than 50% can cause motorists heavy fines.


To make the safest car on road during Ramadan requires motorists to be more attentive, focused and use the best driving tips and latest technologies. As good driving habits help motorists to ensure a safe drive it also enhances other commuters security on the road too.