Kia Cerato Koup 2015 – The First Turbo Charged Petrol Car by Kia

Kia Cerato Koup 2015 – The First Turbo Charged Petrol Car by Kia

Kia has made the first attempt to manufacture a turbo charged petrol car and Kia Cerato Koup 2015 is their modern day sedan in this regard. Kia has been one of the top car brands over the years for its compact sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs but now the company has pushed forward an initiative to build a car that falls in the category of turbo charged petrol cars. The new Kia with revised suspension holds the improved handling this time. The Koup is 37 percent more solid than the old version. Kia, somehow, has managed to balance the outer beauty with the superior agility of this turbo charged sedan. More boot space and excellent technical characteristics are the supreme features of the car.

The Engine’s Performance and other Technical Attributes

The Cerato Koup carries two engines variants. One of them is the 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 129kW horsepower with a torque of 209Nm. The second engine is 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine capable of producing 150kW horsepower with a torque of 265Nm. These engines power the wheels through a six-speed manual transmission as a standard and a six-speed automatic transmission as an option. Fuel consumption increases from 7.3L/100 kilometers to 8.0L/100 kilometers in both automatic and manual transmission.

The base model sits on 17-inch alloy wheels and turbo sits on 18-inch alloy wheels. The look of the wheels goes very well with the whole design of the body. Brakes discs are 20mm larger in turbo. However, ABS, EBD and ESC set a standard in both models. A similar gearbox functions for both the turbo and the non-turbo version. Clutch is of good quality this time. The boot space is of 378 liters.

The inner view of the car

As the exterior of the car has bright and stylish looks, the inside of the car also feeds the best view. Most of the things in the dashboard have been revised. The car gets air conditioning system, powered windows, artificial leather trim and trip computer. A 4-inch touch screen has been added to the dashboard for music stereo and other than that there is a revising camera and phone. The inside of the car seems very spacious and comfortable. Seats are covered with quality leather. Due to long wheel base, rear side gets roomy space. Plastic used inside the cabin is of good quality.

Kia Cerato Koup 2015 - Interior

Pricing detail

It is the first turbo-charged patrol car of Kia but the company has not raised its cost too much from its previous non-turbo version. The car is an excellent choice for long journeys and feeds ultimate pleasure. The Turbo-Charged Patrol Version of the car is priced at $32,790.