How Drivers Can Avoid Car Accidents in the UAE?

How Drivers Can Avoid Car Accidents in the UAE?

The rising number of car accidents in the UAE is alarming and there can be life-threatening consequences for everyone involved in it. Drivers and passengers can sustain serious injuries during major car accidents that can even result in their deaths. Therefore, drivers on the road should remain attentive and careful all the time while commuting as otherwise it can lead to unsafe road situation. Timely and precautionary practices followed by car owners and drivers can generate a positive impact on the increasing number of car accidents in the UAE.

It is recommended that motorists in the UAE must always drive responsibly to avoid car accidents and keep other commuters safe by following traffic rules. Drivers should always remain cautious while driving to not make any mistake that can lead to life-threatening consequences for other commuters. Whereas it is commonly found that serious road accidents in the UAE are mainly caused due to reckless driving and not abiding the traffic laws.

Drivers must always remain attentive to minimize the risk of dangerous road situations by strictly complying with the traffic rules. In addition, one of the best ways of avoiding road accidents is by adopting defensive driving skills. Reckless driving behavior can not only put the lives of the passengers and other motorists at risk, but it can also risk the life of the driver as well. Therefore, it is always right that drivers should avoid reckless driving themselves and other negligent drivers when driving.

Some of the most common contributing factors that can lead fatal car accidents in the UAE are related to over speeding, not following the traffic laws, and driving recklessly. Additionally, some other reasons that can cause accidents are drivers jumping on major intersections, tailgating and switching lanes without indicators.

Here are some essential practices to follow that can help motorists in the UAE to avoid car accidents and keep other commuters safe when driving.

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Multitasking should be Avoided While Driving

Many people use mobile phones while driving in the UAE, especially youngsters. While driving any vehicle, it is always suggested that drivers should avoid doing other things as they can be distracted from driving. There are many reasons for distracting drivers such as female drivers applying makeup, working on the laptop, being stressed or angry, talking with co-passengers, and unnecessary noises in the car. However, the use of mobile phones is the top distractors. Motorists and drivers should follow the traffic law while driving and self-regulate themselves about the usage of phones. On the other hand, stricter laws from authorities can also help in stopping drivers from multitasking while driving.

Multi Tasking

Over speeding

Over speeding is another major contributing factor to the increasing number of car accidents in the UAE. There are several reasons as to why drivers try to over speed while driving but some of that include reaching somewhere in hurry, to flaunt one’s driving skills as it is a commonly found behavior in young drivers, and knowing where the speed cameras are located. In addition, motorists also over speed for testing the speed limits and performance capabilities of their vehicles. Over speeding can be prevented among motorists by bringing awareness about the risk involved and the concerned traffic laws. Drivers should realize that they should not risk their own lives nor those of passengers and they must limit their over speeding habits.

Over Speeding

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Use Indicators while Switching Lanes

Drivers and passengers must remember that cooperating with other motorists should be a habit while driving on road. This is why car drivers in the UAE should always know how to properly use indicators while moving on the road as this can easily inform and alert other motorists about their intended move. The proper and correct way of using the indicators is essential for motorists to know as this can help in minimizing the risk of collisions and crashes when switching lanes during traffic.

Use Indicators while changing Lane

It has become extremely important and a necessity to use the indicators with the ever-increasing number of vehicles usage in the UAE. The right way of using the indicators while switching lanes can be lifesaving for all, ensuring the safety of passengers.

Using Seat Belts

The consistent use of seat belts while driving plays a crucial role that can hugely minimize the damage in car accidents. Even though it is compulsory for motorists to fasten their seat belts while commuting, but many occupants still avoid it. To avoid fastening seat belts can be dangerous for the passengers and they can face serious injuries during car accidents. Some of the most common factors for not fastening the seat belts are related to not messing their ironed dress, confident that they are driving safe and taking short-distance trips.

Using Seat Belts

Authorities have tried to prevent such unsafe behavior through strict implementation of traffic laws by requesting and warning car occupants to fasten their seat belts otherwise they can face heavy fines. It is the responsibility of the drivers to keep themselves and other occupants safe while driving.

Drivers should Avoid Those Driving Negligently  

It is essential for avoiding car accidents that they drive attentively and avoid other motorists who are driving recklessly. Drivers have to face all types of drivers when driving on road, significantly increasing the need of keeping one’s eye on other motorists in order to remain attentive.

Drivers can drive safely and avoid serious road accidents by reacting timely to an emergency while driving. In addition, motorists should also avoid all sorts of distractions by adopting a defensive approach to driving. Keeping one’s eye on other drivers and reacting timely can ensure the safety of the motorists as they would be able to easily detect other reckless drivers on the road. By doing this, drivers can remain safe and avoid car accidents.

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Car accidents can be life-threatening and can cause serious injuries for the driver and other occupants. The rising number of accidents in the UAE is alarming for commuters and authorities. Car accidents can be avoided by motorists in the UAE by adopting a careful and defensive driving approach to driving. This can not only help drivers and passengers to remain safe but also avoid dangerous road situations and minimize the risk of fatal car accidents. It is important for motorists in the UAE to strictly follow the safety protocols and traffic rules to avoid car accidents and keep everyone safe on road.