Essential Child Car Safety Features to Consider For Every Vehicle

Essential Child Car Safety Features to Consider For Every Vehicle

The safety of children is the most important for everyone and the safety of children is the vehicle is another most important thing. Child car seat safety is often a subject that is not given enough attention and this is what put safety of children in vehicles at serious risk. The lack of awareness and the negligence from child safety among drivers often results in injuries and deaths of children in the road accidents.

Child car seat safety is important and this is the reason why most of the countries in the world have child car safety law. In the UAE also, there are strict laws to ensure the safety of children in difficult and drivers who don’t comply with these rules face serious traffic fines and other penalties. Mostly, people are unaware of basic essential child seat safety practices and protocols that ensure the safety of children in difficult driving conditions.

Here is the review of the child seat safety essentials to for drivers who drive frequently with kids inside the vehicle.

Essential Points of Child Car Seat Safety

There are various essential and most important safety practices while buying a perfect child car safety seats. Still, there is no specific measurement that gives us a clue that which size of a child seat is perfect as every vehicle is of different size and measurement. You can also buy a child seat safety according to your child as to some extent it also depends on the child’s height and body posture as well. Following are the essentials that one should keep in mind while buying a flawless safety seat.

Essential Points of Child Car Seat Safety

Size of Child Seats

The basic thing to keep in the mind while looking for car safety for children is the size of the seat, as the size always matters a lot. Few people buy the big size of child seats and some people buy the smaller size of child seats that result in the injuries during accidents. The seats should be of appropriate size to fit your child nicely and safely.

Size of Child Seats

Front Harness Adjustments

Car safety for children also includes the adjustment of front harness. This system helps to adjust and tighten the seats to reduce the chances of injuries. This will help to increase the ride-down time and it will reduce the forward movement of the head in a crash. This feature will also help to reduce the risk of injury. Every time one should tighten the belts and should adjust it properly. Front harness adjustment is also available with height adjustment feature.

Two Piece Chest Clips

The two-piece chest clips are also the most important thing while buying a child seat safety and it is considered to be an important child car safety feature. It is easy to use and it can also reduce the strap twisting and helps to secure your child as the child cannot detach these two piece chest clips.

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Built-In Locking Clips

Child car safety is the most important thing and the built-in locking clips are essential for the safety of children. Many times passengers in the vehicle have to face the loose seat belts. This does not only result in the injury of young people in an event of an accident, but can also be extremely dangerous for children. Built-In locking clips help to tighten the seatbelts and they also secure the child from possible accident injuries.

Five Point Harness

The best seats that are considered safest according to the expert’s point of view is the five-point harness seats. The five-point harness seats are the best car safety for children as they fit properly and it results in the fewer chances of ejection of belts.

Foot Props

Foot props is another child car safety feature that can save the life of your children in a dangerous collision or accident. It is not being in use commonly, but if people give preference to this feature it will help them a lot to secure their child. In case of any accident or collision, this feature will help to reduce excessive downward rotation. It will also increase the safety of rear seat passengers, especially the safety of children.

Low Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH)

Low anchors and tethers for children are now commonly used in every vehicle as the car safety for children is an essential thing for everyone. The seat belts fitted in the vehicle are now replaced with the LATCH as this system will help to fit the seats in the vehicle without seatbelts.

Seat Belt Routing Path

Another important feature of child car seat safety is seat belt routing path, it is considered to be one of the main things in child car safety. Many people consider it to be the easiest thing in tightening the seat belts. It seems that many times the seat belts don’t not work properly and they even do not tighten properly. Seat belt routing path helps a lot to resolve this problem.

Adequate Room for Tall Children

Adequate room for tall children is significant feature, especially for children with tall height. The children with tall height may face severe injuries during collision or road accidents as they cannot fit properly in the seat. The perfect size of the seat is the basic thing, but on the other hand, adequate room for tall children is essential. Many seats are now available in the market with Adjustable Systems that can help your child to easily fit in the seat and can remain safe in case of accident or collision.

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Recline for New Born Babies

Recline is also the vital child car safety feature as it is helpful for newborn babies. Recline System is able to adjust up to 45 degrees for newborn babies. This system also allows you to not use the towel or swim noodles to secure your child. Nowadays, the Recline System is powered with a recline indicator that warns you to tighten your child properly.

Head Impact Protection

Head impact protection helps a lot in child car safety as most of the companies equipped their vehicles with the layer of EPS. It is a special kind of plastic and it helps to reduce the plastic shell of the seat around the head. This system helps a lot when it comes to serious head injuries in case of collision an accident. It is also able to save the children from side impact, rear impacts and also from front impacts.

Wings for Child Protection While Sleeping

Wings are now considered to be one of the best child safety features and many people are now preferring to fit their vehicles with this system. It secures your child while sleeping by creating wings at the both sides of the head. It also helps to keep the head of your child upright. It also secures your child especially the head of your child from hitting the hard objects.

Child Car Seat Safety is a significant and the most important thing for everyone as nothing is more important than the life of a child. Everyone should follow these few vital points before buying a vehicle or while buying a child safety seat as it will prevent their children from critical injuries during an accident or a collision.