Essential Car Safety Tips for a Secure Drive in the Winter Season

Essential Car Safety Tips for a Secure Drive in the Winter Season

The safety of a car and its occupants is essential thing and for this purpose, you have to know as many car safety tips as possible to remain safe. There are various car safety tips that can keep you safe in every kind of driving condition and in any weather condition. Most people do not bother to take all the possible safety measures and that results in a collision or a severe accident.

Driving in winters is a risky thing due to fog or snow that can make the roads slippery and vehicles can slip easily. Although with the rapid growth of advancement in technology, car safety experts have introduced various safety technologies in modern-day vehicles, lack of awareness and negligence of the driver results in the severe accidents that sometimes have fatal consequences.

Here are some car safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure in a winter season.

Basic Car Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Driving in winters can be troublesome and a stressful task, especially when driving around with families. There are some basic car safety tips for parents that they should keep in mind when they are driving around with children in winters.

Following are some effective car safety tips for winters that every motorist should follow:

  • Never drive if you are fatigued, take proper rest as it will help you to reduce the risk of an accident.
  • Always check the battery of your car as after three winter seasons, you may have to replace the battery of your car.
  • Before starting the engine of your car, make sure to turn on the headlights and if the headlights brighten while the engine is running then the battery of your car is definitely going to disturb you.
  • Instead of warning the engine in the garage, it is better to do this at an open area.
  • Never forget to check the tyres and always try to use winter tyres or all-season tyres for better performance.
  • Make sure to clean the inside and outside of the windshield along with the rear window. Do not forget to defrost the screen before you start driving and wipe the snow and slush off the headlights as well.
  • Always make sure to keep the turn signals and brake lights as snow-free as you can.
  • In winters, never completely fill the vehicle’s fuel tank as a half-full fuel tank will be less susceptible to a frozen fuel line.
  • Do not use Cruise Control when you are driving on any slippery surface.
  • Drive as gently as you can because starting to drive too quickly can leave you in stuck in the middle of the road.
  • Do not accelerate quickly as it may result in slipping and spinning of your tyres.
  • Stop your car properly and do not rush it.
  • Always turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction after stopping your car if you feel that your car is slipping on one side. If your car has an antiskid control then good enough, but that does not work in all weather conditions.
  • Try to use small candles in their containers as it will help you to keep your car warm. If you are choosing candles then make sure the windows of your car are open a little bit as the candles can consume oxygen and emit the poisonous carbon dioxide.

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Preparing your Car

The car safety tips for travel also includes preparing your car before driving in winters. Make sure to check the ignition of your car, brakes, and wiring as it will help you to avoid any possible mishap. Do not forget to check the hoses and fan belts, spark plugs, distributors and battery as well.

Make sure you have enough fuel in your fuel tank. Also keep an eye on emissions filters, PCV valve, antifreeze level and freeze line. Never forget to check the tyres of your car, keep an eye on tyre wear and air pressure. Try to fit your vehicle with winter tyres or all-season tyres as it will help you to have a stronger grip on a road in winter season.

Preparing your Car

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Essential Things to Carry for Winter Driving

In car safety tips there are various essential things that you should keep with you while driving in winter season. These things will not only help you out in any emergency situation, but will also help you to remain safe and secure. Following are the car safety tips for parents to keep in mind during winter season with children:

  • Always keep spare tyres, wheel wrench and tripod jack with you.
  • Keep a shovel in the trunk of the vehicle.
  • Jumper cables are a must to keep with you in winters.
  • Do not forget to keep tow and tyre chains with you.
  • Never ever forget to have a pack of salt or cat litter with you as these things will help you to melt the snow on the road.
  • A toolkit, flashlight, and extra batteries must always be in your glove box.
  • Always carry a first aid kit in your car.
  • A windshield cleaner, reflective triangles and flares will always come in handy in emergency situations.
  • Always place an ice scraper, snow brush, scissors, and string in your cargo trunk.
  • Never forget to have a set of matches with you in a secure and waterproof box.
  • Always keep a bag full of non-perishable and high-energy foods with you. You can take canned nuts, unsalted food, dried fruits and hard candies with you.
  • Never forget to have a set of mitten, socks, blankets, and hats with you.

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Tips for Driving in Snow

Driving in winter and is a challenging task, but if you take precautionary measures and properly follow the car safety tips for travel then your trip will definitely become safe and enjoyable. Never try to move in a hurry, always accelerate and decelerate slowly. Always accelerate slowly as it will help you to regain traction and avoid skids that can result in collision or severe accident.

Drive slowly on snowy roads as accelerating, stopping and turning takes time on snowy roads. Try to keep your car eight to ten seconds of distance away from the vehicle ahead because such margin will save you in an accident and it will also provide you a longer distance if you want to stop your car.

Make sure the brakes of your car are in working condition, regardless if your car has an anti-lock braking system or not. The best way to apply brake on snowy roads is through the threshold brakes. Try to keep your foot on the floor and always use the ball of your foot to apply firm and steady pressure on the brake pedal.

Always avoid unnecessary stopping during your trip on snowy roads as starting all over again will take you plenty of time. Do not hesitate to drive on hilly roads in snowy weather, but before doing so, always get some inertia going on a flat road before going uphill.

These are the essential car safety tips that everyone should follow before start driving in winter season or on snowy and slippery roads. These safety measures will not only save you and your loved ones, but will also save your car from any possible collision or accident.