Crash Protection – Car Safety Features That Must Be In Every Car

Crash Protection – Car Safety Features That Must Be In Every Car

Car Safety Features have now become a necessity and have become a staple feature in every car. The crash protection features become extra important for cars that are meant to be used by families and new drivers. Since the main focus of these cars is to protect the driver and passengers in the time of absolute danger, no one should ever compromise on it.

If you have an old car, you must have it upgraded or have it modified. Sometimes, the safest cars can be the most expensive cars, but that does not mean you would have to compromise on it. If you are not aware of the staple safety features for crash protection, here some safety features that must be present in every car.

Seat Belts – One the Most Ignored Car Safety Features

Seat belts are, perhaps, the most ignored safety features in cars. According to a survey completed in Dubai in 2013, 60% of the car accident related injuries can be ignored with the proper use of seat belts. Seat belts are one of the staple safety features in old cars. Although, they may not prevent injuries, they will indeed save you from receiving any life threatening injuries. They must be installed for every seating position, with recent improvements like webbing clamps, seat belt warnings and load limiters, seat belts have increased chances of not receiving injuries in an accident.

Seat Belts

Head Rests – For Protection from Rear Impact Crashes

This is one of the must have car safety features, especially if you commute daily in high traffic areas of Dubai. As per Dubai standard, head rests should be installed for every seat. The main function of a head rest is to prevent a whiplash from impact. Also, when you install headrests, make sure that the height of the headrest is as high as the head’s center of gravity. Another thing to notice is that the head rest should always be at eye level or higher.

Headrest Car Protection

Airbags – A Supplement for Seat Belts

Airbags and seat belts go hand in hand. They are never a substitute for seat belts. Together, they are supposed to bring you optimum protection from crashes and from sustaining head injuries. They come in handy during a frontal impact crash. You can never be too safe, so always have an airbag installed for your front passengers, especially.

Air Bags

Side Impact Protection – For When the Worst Happens

Side impact protection has recently become a necessity. This is perhaps one of the simplest safety features for cars. You just have to increase your car doors strength. You can do that by adding extra internal padding, install better seats, add side airbags and curtain airbags to increase protection. These come in handy in a rollover impact or in a side impact crash.

Side Impact Protection

These are four very basic, yet very necessary safety features that must in your car. If you don’t already have them, you must have them added to your car. Or if you are in the process of buying a new car, check for the advanced safety features in them.