How Child Car Safety Can Be Assured While Driving

How Child Car Safety Can Be Assured While Driving

Child car safety has been given huge importance by the leading car brands around the world. Children are more prone to injuries in an event of any kind of accident as compared to adults. In this modern era, child safety features are considered as imperative safety features in cars to enhance child safety.

These days, the introduction of modern safety features in vehicles has also become a competition that has changed the look of the car market. Car enthusiasts around the world prefer to drive the vehicles that are offering modern safety features. However, in the past safety standards in the cars were given a little preference as the main focus was their styles and engines.

Today, a number of safety features in cars can be mentioned while writing a review on them. Some of the most important safety features are anti-lock brake assist with electronic brake distribution, air bags, rear view camera, blind spot detection, head-up display, road-side assistance, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, driver awareness monitor, and tire pressure monitoring system.

Similarly, like the above mentioned safety features, child car safety features have also been given huge importance. The two most important safety features that assure an extremely safe ride for children are tethering anchors and child safety seats. The parents can use both of these safety features to protect their children in an event of an accident. However, the safety features in a car are not equal to human conscience as they are only there to warn us.

What Are The Essential Child Car Safety Features

With the passage of time, a number of safety standards have been introduced in cars. These safety standards are designed to deliver an enhanced safety during the ride. The modern safety features have risen the standards of safety in cars and are viewed as an important point of attraction when someone buys a new car.

What Are The Essential Child Car Safety Features

Similarly, child safety features have been given huge importance these days in the cars. However, tethering anchors and child safety seats are considered to be the most important modern child safety features. Both of these safety features assure an enhanced safety for children during the ride.

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What Is LATCH?

LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) is a car safety feature that is designed to enhance child car safety. The Car Companies around the world start introducing this safety system in their cars after the year 2001.

What Is LATCH?

This safety feature connects the straps of child seat safety seats with the available metal anchors in the cars. The most important anchors in a car are two that are the lower anchors and tether anchors. The lower anchors are the metal bars that are attached to the lower installation of a seat. The strips of child car safety seats are attached with the available lower anchors that enhance the safety of the child during the ride. Similarly, the forward facing child safety seats can connect the lower metal bars with the help of lower anchor strap that increases car safety for children. Moreover, the lower metal bars can be connected in different ways according to the cars’ size, for example, sedan, minivan, etc.

A tether anchor is a spot in a vehicle that is located on different position through which the child car safety seats can be connected with the help of a strap. The tether anchors can be located at different spots according to the size of the cars. However, the cars typically have three tether spots that are on the roof, the rear of the seat, and on the shelf behind the seat. These tether anchors enhance the child car safety during the ride.

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The Importance Of Child Safety Car Seats

The safety of child depends on parents as they are responsible for their first ever ride till they become the adults. Children are more prone to injuries because their bones are not strong as much as the bones of adults are. Child safety car seats mitigate the risk of a potential injury for children in event of an accident. These days, the concept of child safety seats has changed as now the parents give more attention towards them.

The Importance Of Child Safety Car Seats

Basically, there are three kinds of child safety seats that can be used to enhance their safety during the ride. These seats are infant carriers, toddler seats, and booster seats that vary with the child age group.

The infant seats are designed to carry new-born babies during the ride. These seats are very popular among the parents as they protect the baby’s head, spine, and neck. The available protective shell, padding, and head support enhance the safety of child during the ride. These seats can be perfectly adjusted on the car’s seat when connected with the lower either lower anchors or tethers.

The toddler seats provide an excellent safety to the toddlers during the ride that has increased their importance among the parents. These seats come with protective shell and padding that provide an enhanced comfort level to children during the drive. The available five-point impact shield, head support, and removable seat liners enhance the safety of toddlers without any difficulty. Similarly, these seats can be reclined to get a more comfortable sleeping position for children during the ride.

The booster seats are designed to provide protection to growing up children during the ride. These seats are fitted with a three-point adult belt to protect the child. The available headrest moves upwards to provide an enhanced level of comfort to the growing children during the ride. These seats can be easily attached to the lower anchors and tethers that perfectly adjust them according to the seat positions. Moreover, some of these seats offer cup holders that make the ride easier for children and parents.

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Top 10 Safest Family Cars To drive In 2017

  • Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017
  • Volkswagen Tiguan SUV 2017
  • Mercedes E-class Saloon 2017
  • Ateca SUV 2017
  • Subaru Levorg Estate 2017
  • Toyota Prius 2017
  • Kia Niro 2017
  • Hyundai Sonata 2017
  • Subaru Outback 2017
  • Toyota Highlander 2017

These above mentioned cars are offering top-class child car safety standards that havve made them extremely safe to drive in this year.

Can The Child Car Safety Features Installed If They Are Missing

The child car safety standards if missing can be installed as they are easily available in the car markets. The modern car safety standards are not coming in all cars as their prices vary. If the parents want to increase the safety standards of their children, they can install the important discussed safety standards in their cars.


Child car safety has gained huge importance in these days as the parents are giving more preference to their children safety. The leading car companies around the word are introducing modern child safety features in their cars that make them safest cars to drive n and off the road and has increased their demand as well.

Children are more prone to fatal injuries in event of an accident. The child safety features enable the parents to utilize important features to protect their children. If the child car safety seats are used in the cars, they reduce the ratio of injuries to children up to 75%. Moreover, these seats provide an enhanced level of comfort to children that make the ride easy for them.

Similarly, the LATCH safety feature is a modern safety feature that the parents can easily utilize to enhance the safety of their children during the ride. These safety features, if are not preinstalled in the cars, can be easily installed as they are available in the market.