Five Car Safety Features to Look Out For While Buying a Car

Five Car Safety Features to Look Out For While Buying a Car

From looks and comfort to technology and cost, there are loads of features to look for while buying a car but safety of any vehicle must be considered as the most essential facet. In this day and age, with the advancement of technology, automakers are focusing on making the driving experience safer than before by installing more innovative safety features in the vehicles.  Here are five car safety features to look out for when buying a car.

Five Car Safety Features

Airbags for Ultimate Protection

Air Bags are a car safety utility these days. They prevent drivers from hitting hard on the dashboards, steering wheel or windshield if any accident happens.  Airbags take just half a second to inflate in case of emergency and protect you from injury so make sure that the car you buy has standard airbags.

Airbags car safety features

Automatic Warning and Barking System

This safety technology is currently found in few models of Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Having this technology, any vehicle can scan a road ahead and notify you if you are about to collide with a car. Using radars, cameras and lasers this technology helps you to maintain a standard distance from a car ahead, thus preventing a car to bump into another car.

Traction and Stability Control

With the help of this technology, car automatically senses the speed of each wheel.  This technology uses Hydraulic system to apply a slight amount of brake to the wheels if needed and prevents the tyres from slipping. Traction and stability control is a much-needed safety feature when driving in rain or snow. In short, this is a must have safety feature for rear wheel drive vehicles.

Lane-Departure Warning System

With the help of cameras and radars, Lane-departure warning system detects the roads and alerts you to stay in your lane in case of irregular lane swerving. Lane-departure warning system is an essential safety feature as it gives a visual notification along with audible alert if you try to drift across your lane.

Seatbelts and its Significance

It is estimated that seatbelts shrink the overall risk of injuries in car accidents up to 70%. This percentage clearly depicts the significance of seatbelts in the cars, so make sure that the car you buy has comfortable seatbelts.

Seatbelts car safety feature

Future Car Safety Features

Innovative advancements will make driving safer than ever as automakers are working to install every possible safety technology in vehicles. The future cars are expected to be equipped with a vehicle to vehicle communication technology. With this technology, vehicles will be able to communicate with other cars to prevent collisions. Biometric seat technology will be another future safety feature of cars that will detect fatigue and stress level of a driver and is expected to become standard in all cars by 2020.

Make sure that a car you buy incorporates all mentioned safety features. However, all these existing safety features ensure safe and comfortable drive only when the driver is aware of their use.