Car Safety Features and Their Importance in New Cars

Car Safety Features and Their Importance in New Cars

Car safety features have become essential these days in a bid of car manufacturers and transport authorities all over the world to reduce the number of accidents on the road. The effectiveness of these safety features in a car is great as some of them play a vital role in preventing the occurrence of a disastrous situation and others play their part in case if such an occurrence takes place. New cars these days come loaded with many advanced safety systems which keep the drivers active and control emergency situations in the best possible way. A number of new recommendations have been made to improve the state of existing car safety features to take the scope of car safety even further.

How Car Safety Features Help to Avoid Accidents

There are safety features in cars which are very useful in their function to avoid the occurrence of a road accident. In areas where traffic congestion is at its peak, these safety features help the driver best protect him and others from a harmful road accident. In order to control a possible traffic collision, it is important that the driver stays active and avoids distractions while driving.

The safety features in cars which help the driver avoid a road accident are following:

Lane Assist Feature

This feature alerts the driver in case of a sudden lane change without proper indication. With the help of this feature, a very fundamental traffic violation, “Lane Swerving” can be prevented which is a chief reason for road accidents in many parts of the world.

lane assist safety feature

Forward Collision Warning System

This is a safety feature in modern day cars that sends alerts to the driver to control a possible collision with the vehicle in front. In this way, it avoids the chance of a possible road accident.

collision warning safety system

Intelligent Parking Assist

It has a rear view camera for support while parking a car. It gives the complete back view with blind spot detection which lessens the chance of a vehicle colliding with physical objects e.g. walls, and other vehicles.

parking assist feature

Safety Technologies that Help in an Accident Situation

In an unfortunate situation where a bad road accident has taken place and the damage in inevitable, there are some car safety features which play their role in minimizing the damage.

Air Bags

Airbags are the primary safety feature in all modern day cars today. They protect the driver and the passengers in a car from physical injuries caused by physical contact with the hard objects of the car. In the case of an accident, the airbags swell up and come out with immediate impact and save the people inside the car from severe injuries.

air bags safety feaure

Emergency Response System

It is another important safety feature in cars when it comes to minimizing the risk of causalities in a road accident situation. This system works automatically in an emergency situation and uses functions like e-call, doors unlocking and providing signals to the emergency center by disconnecting the battery terminals.

emergency response feature

Importance of Having a Car Loaded with Safety Features

You cannot afford to have a car these days, which is not good with its safety measures. Safety features in a car not only are helpful for you to avoid accidents and serious injuries but they play a great role in reducing the number of road accidents and causalities in general. Car manufacturers are now producing the new cars loaded with the latest safety features and this should also be the most important consideration of the buyers while buying a car.