5 Must have and 5 Optional Car Features

5 Must have and 5 Optional Car Features

Cars these days come with multiple features and specifications. Some of these car features are very important while others are not so much important. It depends upon your choice what features you wish to have in your car whenever you buy a new car. Some cars have more safety features and performance boosting specifications while others are richer in their design, looks and luxury features.

Must have car features list

Let’s have a look at our picks for 5 must have car features of the modern day cars.


Airbags are considered as a significant safety feature that quickly works in crash situations. They are made of flexible fabric bag and prevent upper body parts from colliding with hard surfaces of car. Airbags lower the chance of getting injured in accidental situations. This is one of the must-have features of the cars and you should always look to buy such cars that have air bags in them.

airbag safety car features

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

This is one of the important car features. This system prevents the wheels from locking by providing optimum pressure to each wheel in case of emergency braking. It maintains the control and provides the safety benefit. In many countries of the world, the government has regulated this system as a mandatory safety feature for all new passenger cars to be sold in the country.

ABS car safety feature

Reverse Parking Camera

Rear-view from inside the car is always troublesome but you need to do that while running the car backwards. Poor judgment in this can possibly lead to vehicle collision with surrounding vehicle or other objects. This problem gets sorted out with a Reverse Parking Camera. It helps in moving car backwards and keeps good cars of the car safety.

reverse camera feature of car

Day-time running lights and Fog Lamps

Day time running lights increase the visibility of vehicle in day-time by emitting white, yellow or amber lights. In countries where the weather remains foggier, fog lamps are helpful for driving at wet and cold places. Both of these accessories are fundamental to have in any car and this why they are among important car features.

Power Windows

Power Windows is certainly a must-have feature in all cars. It gives the control of all windows of the car to the driver and prevents from an emergency situation created by sudden opening of any window. Kids tend to open the windows in the car and it can lead to bad results if they succeed to open one. Other than, that it also proves to save time and effort when you have power windows as you don’t have to manually pull the windows up and down.

Optional Car Features List

Now we shall have a look at the five optional features cars might have.

Engine Start Button

The modern cars these days have a push start button replacing the traditional key-ignition start. It surely is a good alternative but cannot be considered as a must-have feature in the cars.

Expensive Navigation System

In normal circumstances, drivers don’t use navigation system in cars frequently. However, the advanced navigation systems in cars are a very important accessory as they guide the path to a certain destination. This is an excellent option to have in cars.


Definitely sunroof is not a necessity. Sunroof is an additional feature in cars that lets you enjoy good weather and gives an overall stylish look to a car.

sun roof safety feature

All-Wheel Drive

In northern and hilly areas, vehicles need more power so people prefer having four wheel drive cars. But as 4WD vehicles are not fuel-efficient option, they are not preferred for normal road conditions. This is why it is not a must have features in cars.

LCDs for Back Seats

While sitting at the back seat and getting entertained with small LCDs fitted at the back of front seats gives an ultimate pleasure but once again it is not a must have feature for cars.