5 Essential Car Safety Features that can Help Motorists Avoid Accidents

5 Essential Car Safety Features that can Help Motorists Avoid Accidents

Motorists should never avoid the car safety when driving as it is important for ensuring occupants safety. There are several practices that should be considered by car owners to remain safe and avoid road hazards. Drivers can keep themselves and others protected on the road by following a defensive driving approach. Such an approach requires drivers to follow traffic regulations and drive attentively to ensure safety on road.

Other important aspect of car safety is to check the safety and driver-assistance technologies available in a vehicle. Modern-day vehicles are laced with advanced safety features to take the occupant’s safety to a next level. Safety features of a car are essential for safe driving and occupants’ safety. However, motorists should be aware of the working mechanisms of these advanced technologies to use it their full abilities. As safety features in a car are essential as this keep drivers safe from accidents and protect others on the road. These cutting-edge safety systems can warn the motorists of the danger or hazard on the road ahead and respond in timely manner during emergency to avoid accidents.

Here is a list of top 5 safety features in a car that can ensure occupants safety and assist drivers to remain safe while driving.

Forward Collision Warnings

Forward collision warnings have been designed for keeping vehicles safe from collisions with cars in front of them by warning the driver on time when the vehicle gets too close. Such a safety system uses sensors for monitoring the speed of both vehicles and alert motorists of any potential risk or hazard. However, forward collisions warnings system does not respond to imminent crashes or atomically brake during collisions. This car safety feature is recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for drivers to remain safe and keep others protected from collisions.

Forward collision warning

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking can work more effectively when paired with forward collision warning systems. The speed of a vehicle is monitored and those ahead of it through the automatic emergency braking. It works similarly as the collision warning system but instead of alerting the motorist, automatic emergency braking applies the brakes automatically to help drivers avoid collisions in time.

Emergency Braking

In addition, this safety feature also helps in autocorrecting even when driver brake, but not hard enough to protect themselves to not hit the car in front of their vehicle. Automatic emergency braking can effectively reduce the risk of crash by 50% as reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), which is why it is recommended by the NHTSA.

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Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Systems

Lane departure warning and lane keep systems help motorists avoid colliding with other vehicles or running off the road and drifting out of their lane. This safety feature is designed primarily for preventing rollovers and sideswiping. Lane keep systems and lane departure warnings work perfectly when paired together and they are more effective for car safety.

Lane keeping assist

Motorists are alerted by the lane departure warnings when they are danger of running out of their lane, whereas the lane keep system ensure that the vehicle remains safe by steering it back into the lane when the driver drifts off. The lane departure warning systems have been recommended by the NHTSA. In addition, the lane keep systems have shown enormous potential to protect vehicles and occupants by keeping a vehicle stable on the road.

Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking Systems

The automatic emergency braking is another promising car safety feature that are available in contemporary vehicles. This system is designed to detect when a pedestrian is in the driver’s path and then automatically apply brakes to avoid an accident. The pedestrian automatic emergency braking Systems works similarly like automatic emergency braking that is designed for detecting vehicles. Among the latest emerging car safety technologies, the pedestrian automatic emergency braking is considered to be essential safety features of a car.

Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking

Rearview Cameras

Rearview cameras are among the latest safety systems that are available in modern-day vehicles for helping drivers when reversing their vehicles. Motorists are now having the idea that camera systems can ensure car safety and protect vehicle from hitting anything on the rear side. This safety feature comes with a video display on the dashboard of a vehicle that shows that rear side area directly and whenever motorist reverses it shows 10 x 20-foot view behind the vehicle.

Rearview Cameras

The review cameras systems in latest vehicles are now among the must-have feature in a vehicle is also recommended by the NHTSA. The essential safety feature of a vehicle has been estimated to prevent casualties and fatal backover accidents in high numbers.

Final Giveaways!

Most of the popular car manufacturers are introducing advanced safety technologies and driver-assistance systems to protect occupants and prevent fatal accidents on road. Cutting-edge safety features like lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking and rearview cameras can help drivers by responding to road hazards and warning them. These must-have safety features of a car have the potential to significantly reduce accidents and collisions on road.

Latest technologies are developed by car manufacturers to meet the demands of the motorists. Therefore, safety features and driver-assistance technologies are improving and evolving over time. Many of these advanced safety systems are now offered are standard features in modern-day vehicles. Motorists are now able to respond timely in case of emergency or these advanced safety systems can act on their behalf when danger is detected on road. Therefore, such advanced systems can not only enhance the safety of the occupants but also take the car safety to the next level. However, motorists should avoid depending on these safety features entirely and they cannot excuse any negligence of the drivers. Therefore, drivers should make sure that they remain attentive and vigilant on road and use these latest safety features to prevent accidents and unexpected road hazards. In addition, motorists can consider upgrading to a new vehicle with advanced safety features as these are not mostly available in old cars.