3 Most Advanced Safety Features in Cars and their Importance

3 Most Advanced Safety Features in Cars and their Importance

Safety Features in cars ensure the safety of driver and other occupants of a car. These safety features are not only important to avoid serious injuries in case of a road accident but the advanced safety features of cars make sure that they prevent the occurrence of an accident. This is such a landmark that has been achieved by the auto industry in recent times that they have developed such advanced safety system which can actually reduce risk of a road accident.

Modern Day Safety Features in Cars

Not all modern day cars have all the up to date safety features as to have them all in one car is also not practically possible. It will raise the price of the vehicle to an unimaginable extent. But there are some standard features which are now being incorporated by most of the manufacturers in new cars.

We shall discuss here three most important safety features in the cars and see why they are so important for the safety of the people.

Antilock Braking System (ABS)

Advance Braking System Sign on Dashboard

It is an essential modern day car safety system. Now present in most of the new cars, this system helps the driver to maintain steering balance if a car skids when heavy brakes are applied. The Antilock braking system only performs its function on slippery surfaces or when heavy braking is applied.


Antilock Braking System is very important especially in case of an emergency when heavy brakes are applied. Without ABS, the car would not be able to maintain balance and chance of collision with an object, another car or any living being would rise.

Blind Spot Warning System

Blind spot monitoring system

Blind Spot Warning System alerts the driver in case of detection of another car getting too close to your car. It tells the driver about distance from other cars in the lane and spots immediately if a car gets too close.


When you are driving on the highway and a car is far enough from your car, you can detect it through side mirrors but once it gets too close, a point comes when you cannot detect the accurate distance. This is where the blind spot warning system works.

Forward Collision Warning System

Forward Collision warning system

This is an important safety system that saves a car from colliding with the vehicle ahead. It alerts the driver of distance from the car ahead so that the driver can lower speed and avoid getting too close to it.


The system is very important to avoid collisions between the cars as without it the distance between the vehicles cannot be detected and the chances of a collision increase.

Safety Systems in Cars save Lives

Everyone should understand these days that car buying should be done intelligently. Those cars in your budget should be preferred which have the advanced safety systems as safety features in cars can help you save multiple lives by avoiding road accidents.